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National Margarita Day


February 22 marks a special date for tequila aficionados of all ages. National Margarita Day is a time for margarita lovers everywhere to come together in celebration of this delicious concoction. Whether you like your margarita frozen, on the rocks, strawberry flavored, or topped with Gran Marnier or Triple Sec, February 22 is a day to celebrate a shared love of a drink that has brought us all so much joy.


While the origin of the margarita is not well documented, several stories of its beginnings seem to surface more often than the rest. The first bartender to claim the fame of inventing the margarita was a man named Willie in Mexico City in 1934. Willie claims he first made the drink for his friend Marguerite Hemery, hence coining the name “margarita.” Another tale comes from bartender Carlos “Danny” Herrera, who claims to have invented the drink in 1938 for a customer who, because of allergies, could only drink tequila but hated its sour taste. The margarita was his solution to the customer’s quirky situation.


No matter the origin, the margarita is a staple drink in Texas and should be celebrated as such. Chimy’s is gearing up to make this National Margarita Day one for the record books. With great deals on great margaritas and the fun crowd to match, where else would you want to spend this night of celebration?

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