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Chimy’s Hatch Chile Fest – Get Blistered!

It’s that time of year again. The sun is hot, school is about to start, and the hatch green chilies are ripe. It’s time for Chimy’s Hatch Chile Fest! Every year, we bring in authentic hatch green chiles from Hatch, New Mexico and roast them during a big party on our patio. Each location will have its own roast, where you can sample and take home hatch chilies to try on everything!


How it Works
The process is simple in procedure, but difficult to master. When roasting the chilies, it’s key to only blister the skin, but not cook the chile itself. We have this process down by using a special grill that closes on the chilies that will only blister the skin giving them a slightly smoked flavor. Afterwards, we sweat them out in bags for maximum flavor. Once the chilies are all roasted, we freeze and store them to use year round in our Chimy’s burgers, tacos, and anything else.


The Fest
Each location will be hosting its own Hatch Chile Fest. There will be live music, food, margaritas, and Chimy’s gear for purchase. The events will take place during Happy Hour (4pm-10pn) on the patio with plenty of contests and giveaways. Here are the dates for each location.
Fort Worth: 8/23
Lubbock: 8/28
Norman: 9/04
San Marcos: 9/06


Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out the bands and other details about the roasts: Fort Worth FB, Lubbock FB, Norman FB, San Marcos, Twitter. So bring your friends, grab a hatch chile Chimy’s burger, and get “blistered” with us!

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